Unique Delicacies To try Out in Queensland

Queensland has a variety of things to offer people who visit there. Their cultural activities, beautiful sceneries, foods, and drinks are the most notable. Their food and drinks are suitable to be tried out by both the local people and also foreign tourists. There are traditional delicacies and modern dishes times. Here are a few delicacies you might want to try when visiting Queensland.

Chicken Parmigiana

It is a classic Australian chicken dish that was originally made from the Italian-American cooking. In Australia, all pubs offer chicken parmigiana. It was originally based on eggplant, and it is currently a chicken schnitzel that has melted cheese and tomato sauce on top. The Australian delicacy is served with chips and also salad.

Barbecued Snags

The food is also known as sausages. It is an Australian food worth trying out. Sausages are loved by the Australian people. Pork and beef are the meats used to prepare the traditional sausages. More adventurous persons can also try to sample sausages made from other animals. Beef sausages in Wollongong and pork snags in Mawson are the best. The ratings have been given by the meat industry of Australia.

The Australian Meat Industry Council’s Sausage King Competition states that the best beef sausages are found in Wollongong and Mawson has the best pork snags.


It is a National meal in Australia. Lamingtons are great food in Australia since they are an image of Australian foods. Queensland National Trust voted it as the Australian image. The name Lamington is given after the Queensland governor Lord Lamington. It is has a desiccated coconut coat and is usually immersed in chocolate. Lamingtons are square in shape and are sponge-like.


The food was created to honour the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova when she visited Australasia in the 1920s. New Zealand and Australia both claim to have invented the food. The Pavlova has a fruit filling, a meringue crust and a cream on top. Though many countries claim this food, Australia offers the best Pavlovas, and you need to try it out.

Ginger Beer

It is a drink in Australia which you need to try out. The drink is brewed in a traditional way. Dried ginger is first ground. The ginger is mixed with sugarcane and water and then heated until the ginger spice is released. The product is fermented with yeast and passed through filters. The filtrate has traces of ginger particles and is ready to drink. The ginger used is grown locally.


This is a flashy cocktail that gives you energy and is mixed with alcohol to make it an Ener-Holic drink. Jagerbombs are served with a glass filled with red bull and an empty glass beside it. Jagermeister shots are placed on the edges of each glass. The best place to try this drink out is in Australia.