The Best Places to Visit in Queensland

Queensland is also known as the ‘Sunshine State’, and it is the 2nd largest state in Australia. The state has a long coastal coverage of 7000 km. It is among the world’s great tourist destination places. It has beautiful forests and mountains which give tourists a pleasant scenery to view.

The area has white beaches which are very attractive to tourists. Queensland also has some of the world’s most magnificent reefs. Tourists have the chance to relax on the beautiful beaches the state provides or go hiking in the beautiful forests around the area. Queensland offers a whole package of great tourist attraction sites. Here are some of the places you need to visit when you visit Queensland.

The Great Reef Barrier

It is known as the largest reef around the world. This reef is also exceptional because it can be seen from space. It is believed to be even larger compared to the wall in China. For these reasons, the Great Reef Barrier is considered a great jewel in the state of Queensland. The waters at the Great Reef are also filled with marine life, thus making it much more fascinating for the tourists. Tourists are also given a chance to do scuba diving and maybe take stunning photographs in the water. This site should top your list if you ever visit Queensland.

Despite its popularity, you will hardly find the reef congested. Its sheer size takes in all the visitors quite comfortably. Moreover, there are numerous excellent hotels and restaurants, so the infrastructure is very competent.

The Daintree Rainforest

This forest provides a breath-taking scenery to tourists. The vegetation consists mainly of fauna and a lot of beautiful flora. It is also home to a large percentage of Australia’s colourful butterfly species and bats. It is a fascinating site for scientists and nature lovers to visit. Tourists visiting the forest are also given a talk of the great history known about the forest.

People also have the chance to go hiking in the forest as they enjoy the beautiful, which consist of green vegetation, wild rivers and some of the great waterfalls in Australia. The forest depicts a great illustration of the vast nature of Australia.

If you have been confined in office space for the better part of the last year, this is a great place to go and une=wind. You get the chance to do physical challenges like hiking and get a literal breath of fresh air.


This town is known as the gateway, which leads to the Great Reef Barrier and the Daintree Rainforest. It is a beautiful resort town which attracts backpackers from anywhere around the world. The town is also a great getaway area during the winter due to the friendly mild climate during the cold winter months. The area also has beautiful beach markets and café scenes where tourists can see the cultural artefacts of the people of that area. The town also provides tourists with a great view of the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Reef Barrier from a distance.

Surfer’s Paradise

This is one of the most known beach towns in Australia. The town is known to have some of the most affordable hotels in Queensland. The area is well built up and is known to have a fantastic nightlife. The town also features very amazing tourist destinations which include the Haunted House of Dracula. If you are the curious type, these destinations have many surprises for you.

The Lamington Park

This park is fascinating as it contains some fauna and flora which is not located anywhere else in this world. It is well known to be home to major waterfalls, wildflowers, some ancient trees and also home to a high number of birds. The park is easily accessible and suitable for hiking as it has a long walking path of about 160 km. It is also great to carry out adventure sports like archery and abseiling. The National Park contains over 230 types of birds. The most fascinating of the bird species is the Rosella parrot you can feed directly from your hand.

Photography lovers will especially find enjoyment in taking some memorable shots in different parts of the park.